PROGRAM FOR EVERYONE Regardless of age, physical predisposition,
health problems or age
&Ballet is an activity that can be practiced by everyopne
Become an &Ballet Instructor! Build a strong, elongated, beautifully defined
and primarily fit and healthy body!
Wake up the ballerina in you! Always wanted to learn how to dance ballet
and move gracefully like a real ballerina
but didn't have a chance? It is never to late!
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Became part of &Ballet family


Why &Ballet?

Improves strength, flexibility and mobility

Improves brain function

Resolves health issues and disbalance

Improves fitness and stance

Fun and educational

For everyone


  • 1. Are you ready to elevate your mind, body and lift your butt?

  • 2. Be gracious, just like a ballerina!

  • 3. Move elegantly in everyday life!

  • 4. Build an optimal body !

  • 5. Improve your stance!

  • 6. No more back pain!

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Where are we?

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