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&Ballet - a program for everyone
Regardless of age, physical predispositions, previous education, health problems or gender, &Ballet is an activity that can be practiced by everyone.
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Build a strong, elongated, spindly, beautifully defined and primarily fit and healthy body
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Awaken the ballerina in you
Have you always wanted to dance ballet and move gracefully like a real ballerina, but never had the chance? Never too late.
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&Ballet to complete health and an optimal body
It achieves a balance of mind and body, with a great appearance suitable for each individual in relation to his genetics and capabilities.
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Become part of the &Ballet family

Our participants about us

Why &Ballet?

Builds strength, flexibility and mobility

Improves brain functions

Resolves health problems and imbalances

Builds fitness and a refined form

It’s fun and educational

It’s for everyone


  • 1. Are you ready to move your mind and body, warm up your muscles?

  • 2. Be graceful just like a ballerina!

  • 3. Achieve fluidity in everyday life!

  • 4. Build an optimal body!

  • 5. Correct your posture!

  • 6. Get rid of back pain forever!

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Where do we meet?

Training center Andrea's Room - Berislavićeva 21