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What is &Ballet?




&Ballet is a classical ballet suitable for recreationists in terms of biomechanics, pedagogy and a general approach to the body and spirit, and it is precisely because of this that it differs from classical ballet. Its purpose is of a recreational nature, and the goal is first and foremost the health of the body.

&Ballet establishes a balance of body and spirit and as a result enables a GREAT APPEARANCE suitable for everyone in relation to their genetics and capabilities, i.e. OPTIMAL BODY.

It is enriched with exercises and motor tasks aimed at achieving balanced physical activity and development, correcting or alleviating difficulties and general mobility, strength, fitness and grace regardless of age. It is fun and educational.



How did it come about?




&Ballet was designed by Andrea Solomun, ballerina and ballet pedagogue, manager of the Andrea’s Room dance center and choreographer and founder of the Dance Company &M group.

It was created on the basis of practical work with recreational players over a period of ten years. It contains a set of knowledge of the classical ballet material of the elementary ballet school adapted methodically and biomechanically for recreational classical ballet dancers.

It was and is being used in the Dance Center Andrea’s Room studio, and as a recreational ballet, it was programmed in its full form in 2015. That year, it received its final form and has been used in the work with Andrea’s Room participants ever since. Since it is applied in working with real people, it has been tested and proven to be successful.

In addition, it contains an important component of research work due to the application of classical ballet in working with average people who have never danced, and often have not previously engaged in any physical activity.



More details about the benefits of &Ballet:




Biomechanics of the body in &Ballet is extremely important due to its influence on the physical health of the participants. &Ballet’s goal is not only to prevent injuries, but with its biomechanical approach, it affects the body’s fitness for a better quality and healthier everyday life. &Ballet is used with a series of modifications with the aim of an individual approach to the body and physical abilities of the participants.

It helps, and often permanently solves (depending on the time invested in the work and the regularity) the following problems: flatfoot, wrong step of the foot, problems with the knees, increases the reduced mobility of the pelvis and hips, strengthens weakened and dysfunctional musculature of the whole body, builds a strong body core that relieves the spine and thereby affects the rapid resolution of problems such as scoliosis, kyphosis or lordosis. It has great results in reducing kyphosis and lordosis due to its work mechanics and the commonly known term “lifting the pelvis”. It restores the reduced mobility of the shoulder arch and helps activate the neck muscles, thus reducing problems with the cervical spine. It strengthens the glutes, quadriceps and biceps of the legs, thus restoring strength to the legs and increasing the stability of the body. It is known for reducing lumbar spine pain due to too long and too frequent sitting or standing. It also includes cardiovascular exercises, so it works on the health of the heart and the general condition of the body.

The cardiovascular component of &Ballet affects general physical ability and fitness. In addition to new physical and motor skills, participants also gain a noticeable level of fitness.

Due to the symmetry required to perform ballet in &Ballet, asymmetric complaints on the body of the participants are very quickly detected, i.e. imbalances which in the life of the participants most often result in problems with the spine due to physical compensation (lordosis, kyphosis , scoliosis), hips (rotation of the pelvis or reduced mobility), feet (platfus, hallux valgus…), knees (painful knees and inability to perform ordinary actions such as squatting) and numerous other difficulties. Therefore, one of the main goals of &Ballet is to restore balance through specific biomechanical work on the body.

It is extremely educational for students in terms of understanding anatomy and therefore perception and awareness of their own body.

&Ballet builds an elongated, spindly, beautifully defined body. It improves general posture and generally affects more graceful and finer movement of the body. Like all dance activities, it reduces the feeling of depression and lack of motivation because it affects the secretion of happiness hormones and thus encourages participants to take a positive approach to exercise, accepting their own body, appearance, and thus themselves. It has an absolutely positive impact on the lifestyle of anyone who practices it.

Age, gender, as well as previous education and general physical predispositions – do not determine the possibility of practicing &Ballet. He is simply for everyone.



What does the clock look like?




We call Sat &Ballet &Ballet class (class). It lasts 60 minutes. It is done exclusively “in the middle”, without the usual use of a work stick, which is the adopted form of work in the first part of classical ballet classes. The reason for this is the better results of the overall stability of the body, as well as the much faster positioning of the body in adults, which is necessary for the work of &Ballet. The class consists of the following parts: a short warm-up of five to seven minutes, specifically designed for the further work of the &Ballet classes, which will be discussed in the rest of the text, and a short stretching at the end.

The range of material in &Ballet includes most of the elementary school material of the classical ballet school. There is a difference in the time needed to transfer the material, which takes longer, and in the order of work on individual steps. Also, the material &Ballet contains numerous added exercises, the purpose of which is to strengthen the body and increase the mobility of body parts that perform certain physical actions in ballet, and which may be difficult for individual students due to genetics and body structure.


&Ballet Levels:

1. &Ballet Beginners – A1

2. &Ballet Beginners – A2

3. &Ballet Beginners – B

4. &Ballet Beginners – C

5. &Ballet Intermediate – INT

6. &Ballet Advanced – ADV


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