Andrea Solomun

Andrea Solomun is a professional ballerina, choreographer and teacher. She finished  School  for classic  ballet  in Illyrian  square in  in Zagreb, trained  at the Alvina dance academy  Ailey in  New York, and  attended a number of professional training courses in the field of dance arts, voice, singing, speech and acting in the USA and  across Europe under the leadership of renowned world  recognized  artist.

She is the host of the dance  studio Andrea’s Room and creator of the program &Ballet. She is the co-founder (with Emma Janković) of the dance group &M Dance Company.

In addition to being known for her work on the biomechanics of the body with the aim of achieving complete health of mind and body through movement, as well as for her ballet work with recreational athletes, she has been engaged in fitness, yoga, pilates, mobility and animal flow and running – which is followed and used by a considerable number of followers on her social networks (@andreaolomun). She is an ambassador for Adidas and a healthy lifestyle coach in general. With her influence, both live and through social networks, with which she appeals to the importance of an overall healthy lifestyle, Andrea has spread classical ballet to many and turned it into a part of the fitness-community. In this way, ballet has become a form of everyday fitness with which even today women and men of all age groups and predispositions build an optimal, healthy and beautiful body.

Of the successful choreographers and directors, she is known for the plays “Prison  of  Decision”, “Oh  Sweet Something”, “Room  N°7” and “Room N°13”  in collaboration with “&M” and Judita Franković.

She works as a choreographer and actress for commercial television performances, concerts and promotions, and as a collaborator for the movement for performers (actors, singers…).