Do you want to become an instructor and are you looking for a proven successful business model?
Are you planning to study? Start or expand a business success story?
Training courses for &Ballet instructors take place throughout the year in Zagreb or, by agreement, in other locations in and outside of Croatia. We will announce the announcement of the next event soon. We ask all interested parties to apply.

We invite you to participate in the training for &Ballet instructor level A, which will be held in Zagreb

Why &Ballet?

Do you run a fitness or dance studio – or maybe you want to open your own studio?

&Ballet will expand your offer, make your studio recognizable and different, and increase your income. It will enable you to offer your participants a program whose implementation can begin immediately.

Instructors for each level of &Ballet are trained through special training and are required to continuously improve, formally and informally. Educating includes experts from different fields and ensures networking, common recognition and promotion. It creates added value for you and your participants.


Do you like dancing or exercising? Lead him! Become an instructor and help others live healthier and happier lives.

Accept the opportunity to learn, motivate and inspire others. Share your passion, confidence and results.


Elevate everything to a higher level.

Educating and working with students make you stronger. Get more out of exercise and reach your own goals by helping others achieve theirs.


What does the franchise include?

  • The right to use the brand &Ballet.
  • Know-how, training and certification according to the program &Ballet.
  • The right to use the brand &Ballet.
  • Program by different levels in written form and video.
  • Basic and additional music sets.
  • Annual improvement and updating of methodology and content.
  • Promotion and space on the websites of &Ballet.
  • Presentation on Facebook as part of &Ballet.
  • Access to the system of support and exchange of experiences for instructors.
  • Marketing within &Ballet.

How much does it cost?

The price of training for an instructor &Ballet level A is 2,950.00 kn (€400.00) with payment at once or in three installments. Participants conclude a contract on the use of the &Ballet system. After the start of work as an instructor &Ballet, the system conditions apply, which the participants of the training will be informed about after submitting the application.

The acquired license is valid for one year, after which it must be extended.


Conditions for access to instructor training

Candidates are evaluated individually. Preferred prerequisites are:

  • completed primary ballet school
  • higher coaching school or kinesiology faculty
  • previous practice of classical ballet (if recreational, minimum 5 years with additional evaluation of abilities and competences)
  • that the candidate is a dance instructor/pedagogue of another dance technique
  • profession involving anatomy of the body (physiotherapists, medical schools and studies) or
  • combination of the above conditions.

A resume must be submitted with the application. The evaluation of the candidate assesses the fulfillment of the minimum requirements for joining the training for &Ballet instructor.

In the case of candidates who do not meet the stated conditions, it is necessary to come to a licensed studio for evaluation. This evaluation includes checking the general ability of psychophysical work as an instructor &Ballet and previous knowledge about the body and body anatomy.


What can you expect at the end of the training?

Understand and apply functional anatomy through &Ballet for the total health of your clients.

To acquire the basic knowledge of the elementary program of the state ballet school, which includes the theory and practice of classical ballet throughout the world.

Get to know proven, safe and effective exercise methods.

Adopt opportunities for successful training of beginners and advanced practitioners.

Learn the basics of analyzing physical imbalances and potential mechanical injuries and how to prevent them and repair existing ones.

Adopt a quality pedagogical approach to working with clients in the context of general knowledge of fitness presentations.

Master an impeccable work methodology applicable to multiple forms of training.

To adopt how to adapt the work according to age groups, abilities, gender and physical condition of each participant’s body individually, through applied knowledge in the field of pilates, yoga and other systems that enable modifications in &Ballet with the fastest possible and proven progress of the participants.


Acquiring a license to perform the program &Ballet.


Really enough reasons to apply!