Become a dance studio owner and/or instructor of the &Ballet franchise



Do you like dancing or exercising? Become an educator and help others live healthier and happier lives.


Share what you love.

Embrace the opportunity to learn, motivate and inspire others. Share your passion, confidence and the results you have achieved.


Take everything to the next level.

Educating and working with students make you stronger also, and you will achieve better results yourself. Get more out of exercise and reach your own goals by helping others achieve theirs.


Stay updated!
You don’t have to create your own content – &Ballet does it for you. Progress from one level to another.
As an instructor, you have the support of the entire &Ballet team and all other instructors. From first level education to discounts on workout clothes – &Ballet is here for you.
&Ballet represents a business model and is an opportunity for those who run a dance or fitness studio, but also those individuals who have ballet, dance or fitness education, knowledge or experience to enrich or start their own business under the &Ballet brand with all the advantages of a structured and protected program.



Do you run a fitness or dance studio –  or maybe you want to open your own studio?

&Ballet will expand your offer, make your studio recognizable and unique… and increase your income.

It will enable you to offer a unique and proven program that you can immediately implement and start on the path to your business success.

Instructors for each level of &Ballet are trained in special education and are required to continuously improve. &Ballet education includes formal and informal training of instructors. It includes experts from different fields and ensures networking, common recognition and promotion. It creates added value for the participants and for you.


How much does it cost?


It’s up to you – every certified instructor is a franchisee. If you want or already run your own studio – be an instructor – owner. If you get tired of managing your boss’s concerns, teach for others and take advantage of the benefits of being an instructor-collaborator..


What does the franchise include?


  • The right to use the brand &Ballet.
  • Know-how training program and certification according to the &Ballet program.
  • Program by different levels in written and video form.
  • Basic and additional music sets.
  • Annual training and updating of methodology and content.
  • Promotion and space on the web pages of &Ballet.
  • Presentation on Facebook as part of &Ballet.
  • Access to the system of online support and exchange of experiences for instructors.
  • Marketing within &Ballet.


Why &Ballet?


Founded on the basis of many years of experience &Ballet is a successful program used by hundreds of participants. It is a unique combination of ballet and fitness, creative cardio exercises, strength exercises, coordination, flexibility and motorical tasks. It ensures balanced development and strengthening of the entire musculature, achieving mobility with an included cardio component in order to develop general physical health and fitness. It is suitable for all age groups – our oldest participant is 72 years old. The results are visible in the shortest possible time. It is progressive and intended for everyone who likes ballet, dance, fitness or simply wants to be in shape. It is adaptable to each participant and her/his capabilities – it ensures an individual approach according to initial capabilities. It corrects physical imbalances that are the result of injuries, physical problems or simply a modern lifestyle. It introduces participants to the effects of the exercises and helps them in their daily life outside of studies. It offers health-oriented exercise to achieve rehabilitation goals.

The next training for instructors of &Ballet for level A is being prepared.

Intended for those who are looking for a new business model, want to study and obtain a license as a &Ballet instructor.

Contact us for more information, and start the story of your business success.